Comic Relief challenge – Stephen Hawking reads out tweets by 50 Cent.

So, my Comic Relief challenge is well and truly underway now and as a treat for all your support so far, here’s Stephen Hawking reading out some tweets by 50 Cent (watch out for the bad language). Remember, you can find out all about my challenge by clicking the link above or you can sponsor me at


And if you’re wondering what he said….

1. Check out my new background. This is for ladies only I don’t want you cock sucking niggas looking at this lol

2. After the movie I went to see my bitch Shana cause she gives me free food. She work at the drive thru over at Mcdonalds and shit

3. If you a stripper and you have a low self esteem Its probably because your fat and ugly. I suggest you kill yourself

4. Obama’s ratings are down cause he didn’t include pimpin and hoein in stimulus package. Good hoes would boost male moral and fix the recession

5. Man when I figure out how to use the spellcheck on this motherfucker you niggas in trouble

6. Man shut the fuck up man. Motherfucker talkin about. I’m bored. You on this motherfucker to. This shit a drug I gotta go to rehab

7. Oh shit this bitch almost hit my car. Twitter almost killed me. You can’t tweet and drive at the same time. I’ll fuck wit y’all later