My year in tweets – 2011

Let’s face it, I tweet a lot. In fact, I tweeted about 5,000 times in 2011 from my main account – @lee_ridley. Most of this was admittedly bollocks but some of them were good…..honest! I’ve trawled back to bring you what I think are my best tweets and retweets from the last 12 months thanks to Storify.

My tweets in January included stuff about dead elephants, Gerry Rafferty, the uprising in Egypt and the fact that is a site for sore eyes.

February was a month where I bizarrely got asked to move out of a disabled seat on the Metro by another disabled person, where Newcastle United made THAT comeback against Arsenal from 4-0 down and where it was proved that making jokes about Margaret Thatcher will make you popular on Twitter.

My tweets in March seemed to revolve around the time where I changed my voice for a week for Comic Relief and became a media whore in the process. It was also the month I turned to the dark side and bought the iPad 2.

April was the month of the Ryan Giggs superinjuction and the wedding of Wills and Kate….or Wate as I like to call them. I was also very cruel to a cold caller.

In my top tweets of May there isn’t a Star Wars ‘may the fourth’ tweet in sight (thankfully), proving that I do have some limits after all! There is still more poking fun at Ryan Giggs though. Margaret Thatcher was also rumoured to be dying….comedy gold, I’m sure you’ll agree!

My tweets in June were mostly about the hot weather and old TV shows. Clearly an exciting month then!

July was the month when the News Of The World came to be no more, I went on a trip via train and David Cameron fucked up the country a little bit more.

August was a bit of a crazy month. The London riots happened, I dressed up as Colonel Gaddafi, Steve Jobs resigned and I got told that not being able to talk was ‘a bit of a pisser’. Who knew!

September saw my trip to Ibiza, November the 9th remembrance, Talk Like A Pirate Day and the birthday of a search engine called Google.

My tweets in October included stuff on National Coming Out Day on October 12th. Which is a shame if you wanted to come out on the 11th. Steve Jobs and Colonel Gaddafi also died. Can you guess which one made me sad?

November saw the Michael Jackson doctor trial come to its conclusion and Mike Ashley TRY to change the name of St James’ Park to much anger from everyone…ever. I also went on strike. Or as I like to call it ‘go to work with a benefit cheat day’.

Finally, December came and went and surprisingly enough I tweeted a lot about Christmas. Not much baby Jesus content in there though. I was more concerned about Roy Wood wishing it was Christmas every day. He hasn’t thought this through. He’d never get any post or milk delivered for a start.

And there you have it, my year in a series of 140 characters or less. I hope you enjoyed at least 140 characters worth of my year and decide to keep following me in 2012. On Twitter I mean, not in real life. That’d just be weird!