I’m in the media more than Princess Di…

….and look what happened to her!

Last weekend my gig at Pandamonium in Newcastle was filmed by Sky Tyne And Wear. It was a pretty surreal experience. They came to my flat to interview me and my mam first. Luckily I’m a tidy freak (with a hint of OCD) so I didn’t have to clean up too much before they arrived. I did have a wash though, just in case smell-o-vision had been invented in the previous 24 hours.

After a quick interview, it was off to the gig. It seemed to take forever for them to set up their gear but that was probably because I was a bit nervous too. Once I got started, I didn’t even notice they were there though (apart from the fact that they didn’t let me hook up my iPad to the sound in case it caused feedback. This annoyed me a bit and meant I literally had to shout. But, as you know, it’s no good taking on Rupert Murdoch!). I did manage to sneak the C bomb into my set though, never expecting it to make the final report. But it turns out it did….in a way. Fair play to them for that.

After a few post gig interviews, my 15 minutes of fame was over. All in all, I had a really good night. Big thanks to Rory for having me on. I highly recommend you check out his Pandamonium comedy night at Stepney’s Bar in Newcastle if you’re ever in the area. It seems a lovely little night.

The full report can be viewed below or at

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