Becoming a patron of a charity

I’d like to belatedly announce that I have become a patron of the charity ‘Find A Voice’, which is based in Kent. Find A Voice supports children and adults who have a severe speech, language or communication difficulty, and who may require some form of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) support. This can include signing, symbols or a communication aid.

This summer I was invited to do a gig for them down in Kent. When I got there, I was very surprised to be asked if I’d like to become patron of the charity. It was a huge honour to be asked and I was delighted to accept their offer. The fact that I’m following in the footsteps of Bob Holness of Blockbusters fame, who was also a patron of the charity, made it even better. Obviously it’s a charity that does work that is close to my heart and I’m probably a good ambassador for them, given that I do indeed need to find a voice!

Below is the press release by Find A Voice about me becoming a patron. You can also read about it in the Sunday Sun.

Emerging and very talented stand-up comedian Lee Ridley, a.k.a. Lost Voice Guy has kindly agreed to become a patron of Find A Voice.

Lee, who has cerebral palsy, has been making a name for himself since his first gig in February this year, and is set to play the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this month. Having no natural speech, Lee uses a Lightwriter for everyday use, and an iPad with communication apps during his stage performances. He recently performed for us in Ashford. Speaking about taking up the title of Find A Voice patron, he said:

“It’s an absolute honour, especially after they looked after me so well on my trip to Kent. As I said at the end of my set, they make such a difference to the lives of people like me who have communication difficulties.

Because of my communication aid, I am so much more independent than I ever could have been without it. If Find A Voice can provide similar support to other people then that’s great. I hope that by standing on a stage and trying my best to be funny, I can make other people believe that they can follow their dreams despite their disabilities. “

We already have plans to include Lee in a short film to promote the work of Find A Voice, and we will make sure that he performs for us again soon.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to supporting them as much as I can in the future. You can find out more about Find A Voice at

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