It’s been a funny old year….

Celebrity Ambassador award

Me and my Celebrity Ambassador award

A year ago this evening, I made my stand up comedy debut in Sunderland – the video of the gig is below. Little did I know what was going to happen next!

I’ve always been a big fan of comedy and I love going to watch stand up comedy myself. I’d always said that, if I could talk, that would probably be my dream job. I never expected to do it though. I just didn’t think it was possible.

Then, some friends said that it might work and that I should try it. I thought they were crazy at first but the idea stuck in the back of my mind. Eventually I decided to give it a try because I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t. It seems like I was right.

Even after agreeing to do it, I was worried that it wouldn’t work. I was scared that people wouldn’t be able to understand me and I’d just be standing there telling jokes to myself. I was worried it wouldn’t work from a technological point of view either.

Once my first gig was out of the way though, I was much more confident about it all.

Since then, I’ve traveled the length and breadth of the UK to do gigs, as far north as Aberdeen and as far south as Kent. I’ve appeared in The Guardian and The Sun, as well as being on BBC, Sky and ITV. I’ve supported my comedy idol, Ross Noble, at my favourite comedy club in the country. I’ve played at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I’ve met some of the best comedians on the circuit. I’ve written and performed in my own comedy sketch. I’ve become patron of two great charities. I’ve won a celebrity ambassador of the year award.

I’ve been accused of stealing a TV remote in Halifax. Got an encore on Liverpool (which I really wasn’t prepared for!). Been stalked by middle aged women in Aberdeen. Met a drunk Alan Pardew in London. Gigged at a strip club in Edinburgh. I could go on….

And, most of all, I’ve made some amazing friends along the way.

Please don’t mistake this blog post as me being a show off. I’ve done plenty of that already! I just want people to realise what could happen if they follow their dreams. I’m an incredibly lucky guy. Thank you for joining me for the ride.

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