Red Nose Day 2015

Laughter is the worst medicine posterSome of you may remember the poster for my last show – ‘Laughter Is The Worst Medicine’ – which involved me dressing up as a hospital patient and flashing my VERY FAKE arse off (you wouldn’t believe how many people thought it was my own….as flattering as that was!).

Anyway, to raise money for Red Nose Day this year, I shall be performing that show at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival on Saturday 21 March dressed exactly as I am in the poster for the show…which, as you can see, isn’t very much at all!

Please sponsor me for being this stupid and come and laugh at me as I probably catch pneumonia again in Glasgow.

To sponsor me, go to my Red Nose Day sponsorship page.

Also, if you want to come along on the night, tickets for the show at the Tron Theatre (8.30pm start) are available on the Glasgow International Comedy Festival website.

Of course, I’ll be posting photos of the night on social media afterwards. After all, I’m an attention whore…