Laughter Is The Worst Medicine DVD out now

The DVD of my 2014 Edinburgh Fringe show, Laughter Is The Worst Medicine, is now available to buy.

The 60-minute show, filmed live in Edinburgh during the festival, pokes fun at the major illness that ended my debut festival the year before. The synopsis is below:

When Lost Voice Guy was rushed to hospital during this first ever Edinburgh Fringe, he nearly died. In fact, he became as silent as the ‘P’ in pneumonia and ended up with 99 more realistic problems than Jay Z.

Stuck in bed and miles from home, he began to wonder if laughter really was the best medicine after all. Then he had morphine and he realised it wasn’t. Jesus may walk on water, but Lost Voice Guy runs on batteries. And he recharged and rose again to tell the tale in this new show.

I had a great time performing it in Edinburgh and, now that it is available on DVD or to download, I hope you enjoy watching it just as much. The running time is 60 minutes and subtitles are available.

My debut show from 2013 – Voice Of Choice – is also available to buy on DVD or as a download.

Here is a clip from my latest DVD….



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