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What do you like to do besides tour as a comedian? from Lesa 18. March 2015

I love listening to music and discovering new music. I’m really into indie. I also watch Netflix far too much, my favourite show at the moment is House Of Cards. I’ve also recently re-watched 24 and Prison Break.

Hi Lee, does your DVD have subtitles? I was wondering whether my deaf friend would be able to watch it. Cheers, Peter from Peter Jewell 20. December 2014

Sorry but my DVD does not have subtitles. Now that you’ve mentioned it I will look to include them on future DVDs though.

Hi Lee, How are you doing, I was wondering, if you could give me a joke that I could quote you as telling in my thesis? 13. November 2014

I started out in a disabled Steps tribute band, we were called Ramps. That was a bit of an uphill struggle.

How does it feel to have the same initials as Luis Van Gaal? 20. October 2014

I imagine he’s very honoured…..

Which apps do you use to speak with? 28. August 2014

When I’m on stage doing my comedy, I use a great iPad app called Proloquo2Go. I also sometimes use Proloquo4Text. Find out more at

Do you know Stephen Hawking then? 28. August 2014

Of course, all the disableds live in a big house on Special Street (just behind Pigeon Street, FYI). Just this morning I was talking to that blind bloke off the BBC news.

Seriously though, I guess I’m a bit like Hawking. I don’t look over my shoulder as much though. I’m much funnier and better looking too. I admit to knowing fuck all about the universe however.

What do you sound like? 28. August 2014

Like some sort of fucked up superhero, I can change my voice to many different ones. This is especially handy on Tuesdays when I cross dress and sound like a lady or on Thursdays when I entrap paedophiles by sounding like a young Michael Jackson.

How do you speak then? 28. August 2014

Via the medium of dance. Think Strictly Come Dancing crossed with Give Us A Clue and you’ll have an idea.

Not really of course, I’m far too lazy to do that. It’d also get very confusing in a nightclub. No, I use a small computer called a Lightwriter. Basically, I type in what I want to say and then it says it. When I’m on stage doing my comedy, I use a great iPad app called Proloquo2Go. I also sometimes use Proloquo4Text. Find out more at

What did you say when you found out you’d never speak again? 28. August 2014

I was speechless!

Why have you got no voice? 28. August 2014

I was very ill when I was a baby and ended up with meningitis. When I woke up, it wasn’t just all a dream, and I’ve had a disability called Cerebral Palsy ever since. It affects people in different ways but, for me, it meant losing the ability to speak. It isn’t all bad though…….oh, wait, it is………