I recently had the pleasure of writing for The Stand, Newcastle’s ‘Small Book Of Stories’, which they produced this Christmas to support a local charity. It was nice to be able to give something back to the place after all the support they’ve given me.

The Small Book of Stories features 15 short stories written by comedians who regularly play at the venue in Newcastle, with all proceeds going towards the North East Council on Addictions (NECA).

Comedians who have contributed to the book include myself, Viz co-founder Simon Donald, and BBC Newcastle’s Alfie Joey, alongside Sod the Tories regulars John Scott, Katherine Tanney and John Whale.

Full details on the book (which costs a mere £5) and the book’s launch night at The Stand on Monday 23 December – featuring me and many other of the writers reading excerpts — can be found on Giggle Beats.

You can also purchase it from The Stand’s website.

It’s well worth a fiver!

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