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The Lost Voice Guy Comedy Showcase comes to the Gosforth Civic Theatre tomorrow! Featuring Britain's Got Talent stars Noel James and Steve Royle, as well as the amazingly funny Geordie lass, Lauren Pattison.

A few tickets are left so get them while you can at

And, don't just take our word for it, listen to Lost Voice Guy himself...

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COMPETITION TIME! To win 2 tickets for the very first @lvgcomedyshowcase this Saturday in Gosforth, just like and comment on this post! Winners will be chosen at random at 6pm tonight! ...

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3 days ago
Lost Voice Guy

Really enjoyed hosting my own comedy night at the weekend! Hope to see you back again in October!

Follow The Lost Voice Guy Comedy Showcase for updates!
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Congratulations 👏 my daughter has CP, uses a voca talker & has a wicked sense of humour like you. You're an inspiration! We ❤you!

Congrats, well done 👍🏼 🥳

Was it recorded? Wud love to see it

4 days ago
Lost Voice Guy

100% accurate. ... See MoreSee Less

100% accurate.

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Loving hearing all your stories haha

I took bro (CP) to see Jurassic Park film...with my 2 young nephews, who sat behind us. Bro.had a giant tub of popcorn...and when those Tyrannosaurus footsteps started pounding...up went the popcorn and the kids were showered!!!.🤣🤣🤣

THIS!!! 😅🤣. My brother with Severe CP who is now in his 40s. When he sits at any table he’s got to have his pillow between his knees and the table because it happens so often 😞

THIS!!! My daughter has CP and this is so her she jumps at everything and then cracks up laughing!! Even her own farts make her jump sometimes!! 😂

Legit my dad will scare me on purpose to watch this

I've had a friend's spaghetti in my lap because of this. At least we had a laugh afterwards 😬

I’m like that more and more recently. I don’t have cp, but am sight impaired. Quite a lot of times feel overwhelmed with noise in general. Definitely jump with fright, quite a lot also. I was just looking at ear defenders before this meme popped up. My late cats hated sneezes, they jumped with fright.

I’m an inclusion teacher at a secondary college and worked for several years as a scribe for a student with CP🎯She would accidentally smack me in the mouth most days thanks to loud noises 🙌🤣I got use to it and tried not to laugh ❤️

🤣 I well remember the athletics events for residents at Percy Hedley, including my bruv Daryn Robinson with CP ...and the pistol used to start every competition...resulted in a communal leap before anyone moved forward

MY LIFE! Honestly this is one of the most accurate memes I've ever seen. Pre-COVID I used to enjoy going to the theatre and cinema... except for gripping the seat as tightly as I could in an attempt not to hit the ceiling when the show started. 🤣

My son can be looking at me and if I make a sudden loud noise it gives him a fright🤣

I've got mild CP, but this happens to me too!😃

This is me. I wonder why this is so common in CP

As a Pediatric home health nurse, i appreciate your humor!✌️

I can totally relate as I have cerebral palsy too!

Awww this is my boy Charlie we've had some right giggles together when sudden noises startle him 😂😂he loves it when I make him jump full of giggles but that initial facial expression is priceless 🖤

My son every time!

I can't cope lately mate. How do you manage with it ? 🤣

You turn into a small dog.

I do that when I get an unexpected visitor 🤣 #ivehadnowarninghelp

Yes! 🤣👍🏻 Every time

My daughter has a super startle, over anything.

Haha!! Like the New Years parties!!! If a balloon burst we were scraping everyone off the ceiling!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤩

Totally agree! That was me after 20 mins on the job... stem cell treatment before the big 40! 🤣🤣🤣

My dogs deep bark at fellas neighbour who has cp poor fella

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7 days ago
Lost Voice Guy

Today is the very first The Lost Voice Guy Comedy Showcase. See you there!Today is the day! Join us for the very first Lost Voice Guy Comedy Showcase at the Gosforth Civic Theatre from 7.30pm tonight. Featuring the wonderfully funny Noel James, Lauren Pattison and Steve Royle. Hosted by Lost Voice Guy himself!

A few tickets remain and you can book at

See you later!

Gosforth Civic Theatre Lost Voice Guy
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Today is the very first The Lost Voice Guy Comedy Showcase. See you there!

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Had a great night thanks 😊

good luck

1 week ago
Lost Voice Guy

The Lost Voice Guy Comedy Showcase is happening tomorrow at the Gosforth Civic Theatre! ... See MoreSee Less

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Loved your last video "but suri I am your father..." brilliant hzve z great gig

Only seen him a little bit on TV but what I saw I enjoyed ☺️☺️☺️☺️

Love this guy ❤️

Where's the Gordie voice? 😉

Wheres the Geordie accent?

Lost Voice Guy you are magnificent x

Let him o Father speak !

Eeeee you’re a funny bugger xxxx

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1 week ago
Lost Voice Guy

COMPETITION TIME! To win 2 tickets for the very first The Lost Voice Guy Comedy Showcase this Saturday in Gosforth, just like and comment on this post! Winners will be chosen at random at 6pm tonight! ... See MoreSee Less

COMPETITION TIME! To win 2 tickets for the very first The Lost Voice Guy Comedy Showcase this Saturday in Gosforth, just like and comment on this post! Winners will be chosen at random at 6pm tonight!

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Would love to see you again was mint the last time 👍🙂

Freya Mcglone

Tom Hoyes 😀

Fingers crossed xx


Looks awesome!

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1 week ago
Lost Voice Guy

Great day for people watching in the park! ... See MoreSee Less

Great day for people watching in the park!

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Love day. For it I'm. Off to bed now hut I've got an appointment I'm. Being taken shopping after so I hope it's nice and there's good music I. The car to maybe sing along or just dance in my seat. Til we. Get. Tjers

Nice change from grey cloudy skies. But for me photophobia is very bad.

You can learn a lot about people by just watching.

Best entertainment in the world is watching people.

I like people watching, or as the police wanted to call it, voyeurism 🤣🤣

With that caption, this pic could do with the old movie "binoculars"cut out frame 🤭

What a view

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2 weeks ago
Lost Voice Guy

FFS Siri! ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

I'm from Newcastle. I've absolutely given up on trying to get Siri to understand me!

You now need your chill out playlist more than ever 🤣🤣. Hate it when Siri doesn’t understand what I’ve said 🤣

same as my alexa, hears me when im in the kitchen, never hears me when im stoood next to her

I know how you feel I get the same problem when I phone some companies and all I get it the recorded massages that don't understand plain English. X

Loving the Creme brûlée t shirt 🤣 .. had to rack my brain to remember what it’s off 😆

Frustrating as he'll isn't it, my Mrs loves it when I send her texts using siri when I'm driving, it never gets it right even though I have to re-do the message 3 or 4 times, in the end I just give up & send it, gives her a giggle while she's at work anyway!

You pour thing! Never seen you do frustrated but just seen the funny side of that too, sorry hun! I had a bit of a giggle. Bless you Lee.Hope youeventualky got it to do it correctly! Sending hugs. 😍XX

Glad it's not just me who gets completely misunderstood 😂🤣🤣🤣 brilliant 🙈👏👏

Love this lol and when u was on bgt I told everybody u was going to win I knew it and I'm glad u I was right Yr amazing

Lee you are brilliant, very funny makes people laugh with you

You are absolutely a great person and a great comedian

Love it you always make me laugh... I have an Alexa n she keeps going off everytime I talk to the dog Lexi. Annoying is an understatement. Poor dog is so confused lol

I’m In the same boat lee. No one understands me 😂😂😂

No one understands me after a few drinks 🤣

Hi I thought it's only me that has problems & gets angry with it 👹👹👹 it's really frustrating

Love this guy ❤️

Never had an issue with siri, google has been the worse one for me.

Ffs I feel your frustration. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Let’s stand/wobble together

I can never get Siri to understand me

Oh God that's brilliant 🤣 he is so good always weak laughing

I'd had set about it with a hammer 🔨 😅🤣😂

Haha I can’t even play this clip my phone keeps answering the video lol ffs

Nice T shirt. It’s a shit business

I was on my alexa last night and asked her a question. I got an irrelevant answer

Alexa doesn't understand my Fife accent

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2 weeks ago
Lost Voice Guy

Win tickets to my comedy showcase in Gosforth this Saturday via the post below!🚨Competition time!🚨

Like and share this post before 11.59pm on Thursday 23rd June to be in with a chance of winning four tickets to see our amazing patron Lee Ridley perform at his Lost Voice Guy comedy showcase on Saturday 25th June!

Britain’s Got Talent winner Lee will be joined by fellow BGT comedians Noel James and Steve Royle, and the hilarious Edinburgh Festival Best Newcomer Nominee Lauren Pattison.

Lee is also performing at our Smile For A Night Variety Show at Whitley Bay Playhouse on Sunday 25th September, and we are on hunt for one lucky act to appear alongside him and other North East entertainment legends on the night!

Which is why we need YOUR help to share the post to find them!

Performers - individuals or groups - are invited to enter by sending a video or video link of their act to by Friday July 1st! A shortlist of entries will then be invited to perform in front of a panel of judges before a winner is chosen.

So get in touch now – whether you sing, dance, act, perform stunts, make people laugh or something else – it could be YOU🫵 up on stage alongside Lee, panto legends Danny Adams and Clive Webb and magician Graeme Shaw on Saturday September 25th!

Tickets for the event can also be purchased here:

Good luck, everyone!👍
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Win tickets to my comedy showcase in Gosforth this Saturday via the post below!

Comment on Facebook

Woo Hoo , Could do with a good Giggle and you are the Greatest you are Soooooooo Funny

Love the t shirt 😂☺️

2 weeks ago
Lost Voice Guy

Look at the excitement in our faces at seeing Elton John this evening! Such an amazing show! 💫 ... See MoreSee Less

Look at the excitement in our faces at seeing @eltonjohn this evening! Such an amazing show! 💫

Comment on Facebook

It was so good. Just loved it. x

Me and my husband were there too, he was amazing 💙

Is that jossie gibson from this morning ??? Xx

God a wish I could be there too, Elton is so very good…

Thank you so much for taking the time to have your photo taken with me Our students at Catcote 6th form in Hartlepool where over the moon to see it 💙

Truthfully, I'd rather see you than Elton! 😎

I was at Anfield in Liverpool on Friday seeing Elton and he was absolutely phenomenal

Was amazing

Wow I actually thought you had a baby in a carrier on your chest there. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 Pleased you enjoyed the gig!!

Haha thought you had a baby on your chest 👶

Absolutely awesome

I thought you were holding a baby in that photo. I thought you were a new Dad! I think maybe I ought to go to Specsavers? 😁

Lucky you how brilliant

Wow! That's awesome! Stay cool lost voice guy👍🤣✌️🙏

Seen him a few times...he's such a good showman 💖💖

Great picture ❤️

Love this ❤️ So much xx

You looking at the wrong way

Fun photo

Lucky peeps !!

Lost Voice Guy are you a Mackem in disguise? 😉🔴⚪🔴

I'm off to see him on 3rd July. Am really looking forward to it. Hope you enjoyed it

Oh mate - what a night 😍🤩 xx

Lucky devils.

From that photo it looks like you’re carrying a baby in a sling with your hoody wrapped around them 😀

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2 weeks ago
Lost Voice Guy

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! ❤️

Comment on Facebook

The Amiga and Sensible Soccer - perfect combo!

The memory might be a bit low these days, definitely not as fast as the younger models but always dependable. Happy Fathers Day

You win the internet today.

Happy Sunday, young man. You bring sunny days to our lives 🙂

Seriously the best sense of humour ever. You're awesome 🙏❤️

Thank you for making my life better. Truly. Thank you.

Why does this Amiga500 have an extra Disk Drive. Haha

You’re so funny! That’s great! Classic! My son uses ProLoQuo4 text on an iPad. He might be your brother!🤣😂

Absolutely Brilliant so funny

There is a person in my home right now who is adding to his Commodore collection. So I love this. ❤

My favourite father of all time 💙🥂

Ah workbench 1.3, the memories!

Jesus your old man looking good for his age 😆

Think we had a Commodore 64. ( thanks very much for photo description in alt text 💖)

You’re a legend! 😆👏👏👏

I miss my Amigas. Had a 500, 600 and 1200 at one point. Don't even recall what happened to them. 🤷🏻

Always wanted an Amiga… got an ST instead!

60 years ago, the computer was the size of truck and took an entire room, 30 years ago, it fit on a desk top, today, the same power fits in a watch, we can't even begin to imagine what will be in another 30 years, those of us that live to see 2050 will be amazed (then again, its a gradual change, we'll be wanting more even then)

Yes!! I still have my Amiga 600! ❤️💻

Best machine ever! Cannon Fodder and the ORIGINAL Oregon Trail!!

I still have a zx spectrum

Karim Muhammad happy fathers day love you ❤️

My first computer was a Tandy. It had a notepad, calculator and a clock, it also weighed around 800lbs 😂

I saved up just to get Extra disc player......

Saw this and thought you might like

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