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The @bbciplayer is taking the piss again... ...

Loved finally being able to get back to work and do some filming for series 2 of Jerk. Kiefer is back! ...

As the Ting Ting’s once sang, that’s not my name... ...

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2 days ago

Lost Voice Guy

Fun times with the family at the beautiful @alnwickgarden ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Åh ! The weather looks great 😍 Nice pic of your family 🥰

Beautiful family picture. Well done you.

Glad ur enjoying Lee! Have more amazing times and enjoy each moment 💕💯

Have a great time with your family they are beautiful

Aw we love it there! Def my happy place 😍

It’s so beautiful there I love the tulip gardens in the spring 🌷

Alnwick Gardens are fabulous, lovely pics 😀

Beautiful family photos. 😀

You always look so happy. Your happy gives me happy.

Gorgeous photos I hope you are all well! x

Lovely family pics - Thanks for sharing with us x

Lovely photos, Lee. Gotta love Alnwick Gardens! 💕🎶🎶

Beautiful photos, big hello from Australia

Beautiful family ❤️ xxxx

Up my neck of the woods Lee, its lush isnt it man x

My friend got married there, it’s gorgeous

Beautiful family beautiful pictures xxx

Love Alnwick Gardens so beautiful there x

Lovely pics, Lee. Keep well. X

It's a magical place, I'd love to go back 🙂

Lovely photos Lee x

Fab pics Lee and hope you are doing okxx

Lovely photos of the family Lost Voice Guyxx

Great photos! Enjoy the sun🌞

Good to see you l.v.g aka lee,when are you touring again,all the best hope you are safe and well.from justin,I live in peterlee

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4 days ago

Lost Voice Guy

Show everyone that you're not here to inspire people with this 'No inspiration today, sorry' t-shirt. Now available on my website ... See MoreSee Less

Show everyone that youre not here to inspire people with this No inspiration today, sorry t-shirt. Now available on my website

Comment on Facebook

I LOVE this!! Especially when I'm in the supermarket just picking up milk or bread, apparently its SO INSPIRING that I'm there 🙄😂 (my comeback now to them is "Oh, you've heard about my little venture - thanks so much!" (its a bucketlist venture, of which I know bucketlist-ers inspire others). The confused looks I get after I make this statement, are hilarious!)

You should make button/pin designs! I would love this and a few others on my wheelchair

Love this so much . My little boy rory has ds xx

I want one that says “I’m not your good deed” with the finger up. Ppl see someone in a wheelchair and fall over themselves to help when they aren’t needed. We are disabled not helpless. If you are going to help at least ask me if I need any first before shoving me along.

Sometimes you're just not feeling it 🥰

I tried clicking the link, it goes to the website with a bunch of other awesome T's... but not this one 🤔

I need that in kids size!

Leanne Shakespeare jord needs some of his shirts they are fab

Stephen Not just me that gets animated over it 😂 👏 #notaninspiration

I love that! Xx

James Sammon we need these at track to twin!

Love this!

Susie Ireland definitely adding this to my wardrobe👏🏻🤣

Love it.

Great T 🤣🤣

Open Future Learning thought u might like this 🙂


Mel Jane I thought you might love this!

Kristina Conroy

Julie Fox

Iggy Patel

Kaleb Hayhurst 🤣

Shelby Louise Watson 😂

Crystal Greenwood

Sérgio Alexandre Lopes 🙂

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1 week ago

Lost Voice Guy

The @bbciplayer is taking the piss again... ... See MoreSee Less

The @bbciplayer is taking the piss again...

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I don't understand

Class . Your book is next in line on my reading list 👍👍


I so love your sense of humour xx

Well I guess in your case you can see your voice on your computer lol

Dammed machines....

Can you sing Lee?

Ann Newton 😂😂🤣🤣



KJ Ross

Daisy May

It's quite possibly the worst show they've produced since All Together Now or Don't Scare The Hare

You would think Amanda would change it to benefit you, Lee! Lol.

Your an absolute superstar 🤣😂🤣😂xx

Cant stand that twat Paddy

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2 weeks ago

Lost Voice Guy

Loved finally being able to get back to work and do some filming for series 2 of Jerk. Kiefer is back! ... See MoreSee Less

Loved finally being able to get back to work and do some filming for series 2 of Jerk. Kiefer is back!

Comment on Facebook

Wowwwww so brilliant to see lost voice guy back on the road xx what a fantastic man you are xx

Excellent! First series was really funny and different

Saw him live never laughed so much in all my life x

Love the series! Can’t wait. X

Bloody love you I do mate. Could watch you all day 💙

Where can I watch s1? Says unavailable on iPlayer!

Lee your a tall bugga

enjoy xxxxx




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2 weeks ago

Lost Voice Guy

Comedian Lee Ridley reveals his brand new voice to us ... See MoreSee Less

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Very cool. Is guest presenters of the Shipping Forecast a thing? I think I would tune in for a LVG special 😂

You could have asked Ross Noble to do it. That would be confusing! 😂

Can you please say "mind the gap" in your new voice! 👏

Wow!! That's incredible!

Aw love this xx

Wow! Amazing!

Nice one Lee


Charlie Larkin new voice!

Ged Craig

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2 weeks ago

Lost Voice Guy

As the Ting Ting’s once sang, that’s not my name... ... See MoreSee Less

As the Ting Ting’s once sang, that’s not my name...

Comment on Facebook

Do you know where you misplaced your voice? Can you remember where you were when you last had it? You've probably put it down somewhere and forgotten about it.

Makes it sound like you left your voice on the bus! Lol And since when has a Geordie accent been an accessory?! Lol

Listen just because you dont know where it is doesnt mean you can just up and take Geordies!

Maybe trying to be politically correct? "Misplaced" sounds so much gentler than "Lost". LOL

Did you check under the settee? I'm always finding misplaced things there - normally just little things like socks and tweezers though, my marbles have yet to turn up down there 🤔

Damn careless of you! Have you re-traced your steps?

That’s very PC, it’s not’s simply misplaced which implies it can still be found... 🤔

It has a ring to it.

Dan you shall now only be known as The geordie accessory, change your name immediately 😜 😂

Brilliant! PC at its best 😀

As a Taffy I can do a fair Geordie me self like!

I think I found the reason...

Have you checked down the back of the sofa?

Yeah but that's kinda funny 😆

Andy Brown

Misplaced???😂😂😂. Lol

sue those fuckers

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3 weeks ago

Lost Voice Guy

Delighted to announce that I've found my Geordie accent! Thanks to Dan Pye - Voice Actor for lending me his voice, and a shout out to CereProc for making it happen. Read all about it on my website - ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Thank you so much Lee for choosing my Son, Dan 🤩 Good luck with your new voice 😊 xx

this kind of opens new worlds for you. it would be fab to have a range. you could add impressions to your act. 😁😉 as a Geordie I think I'd get a snnoty posh woman's voice so I would get better service, and not get talked down to in Fenwicks. x

Absolutely brilliant.... that's a right bobby dazzler of a voice, really suits you.🔥🔥

Great news, I’m in New Zealand and am stuck with an English voice too (I also have cerebral palsy)

Great news from the Geordie lost voice guy a truly amazing young man.

I'm honestly so happy for you, your Geordie Accent is amazing

So pleased for you ❤️ but now you're not Lost Voice Guy are you changing your name to something more suitable like Geordie Voice Guy Wye Aye 😊

Hello,I love your performance very much!!

I love this man, so funny and an inspiration to all

Lee that’s brilliant, love your new Geordie accent x

good choice, happy upbeat and clear👏

Happy new voice sweetie. Can’t wait to hear it xx

I’m so happy for you. This literally brought a tear to my eye.

Definite approval from your Cambodian fan base (who went into curfew tonight but this gave us a smile).

What a fantastic man is lost voice guy ! But sooooo fantastic he's now got his voice this is brilliant xx

Brilliant! Saw you on The morning programme on BBC1 this morning!

OMG!!!!! This is awesome, and weird and mint and mind blowing! That's Reet canny that Lee!! But that's defo not the Lee I sat hours on the land line to picking at me mams wallpaper all those years ago 😂

Great stuff! Is that the same voice actor from Ability?

Fantastic, looking forward to saying hello in geordie soon.

Keep it up mate, you really are an inspiration to all. 👍👍👍

That's brilliant! Brought a huge smile to my face. X

Love it Fantastic comic can’t wait to see u live again x

Oh Lee it's wonderful I love it! X

I'm sorry I won't be able to understand a word you are saying from now on! 😂

I can do a Scots one for you, if you ever fancy adding impressions to your repertoire! 😂

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3 weeks ago

Lost Voice Guy

My 2019 tour show - I'm Only In It For The Parking - is now available on DVD from my website -

Watch a clip from it where I reveal what Simon Cowell is really like...
... See MoreSee Less

Video image

Comment on Facebook

I think you're brilliant! Loved your book, and as a Christian I would like to say, don't worry I won't pray for you 😘

Amazing comedian hope you do come bk to Swindon in a tour n defo getting the dvd

You are a treasure x absolutely love your comedy 😁

Ill be buying this the joke about people naming their houses is the funniest thing ever 😀😀😀

What I loved about this particular act was it wasn’t immediately copied by America or Asia thinks they have talent.

Does it have subtitles?

This is hilarious 😂

Roared with laughter

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