A little while ago, the lovely people at Apple got in touch with me to offer me a free iPad to use at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity because I’m tight and I love getting free stuff.

Lost Voice Guy with iPadSeriously though, getting Apple on board means an awful lot to me. I’d like to think we’re helping each other. I’ll always be grateful to them for developing the technology and helping me follow my dream. And I hope that I can show other people that the iPad can be a really valuable piece of kit for people like myself. I’m also very flattered that they want to give me a free iPad because it means they must have recognised my work and want to be associated with it. I’m looking forward to getting to use it more.

Obviously the iPad has made a huge difference in my life. When I got my first iPad I didn’t see it as a communication device at all. It was just something to keep me entertained and play games on. It was only when I started exploring the different apps that I realised that the iPad could benefit me greatly. Unlike some of my other devices, it is slim, light, easy to carry around, easy to use and the voices on it are almost human. It also looks pretty sexy too.

In fact, I think that the iPad is probably the only way I could have done stand up. I use a device called a Lightwriter for day to day communication but I’m not sure if this would have worked on stage. The benefit of the iPad is that is a lot simpler to use. Everything can be found in a tap of a screen and therefore it’s much quicker. Of course, by using the iPad it also means i can take advantage of the other apps on it too. So I can incorporate music and everything into my act too. To my knowledge, there’s nothing else out there that would have done the job as well.

Of course, it isn’t perfect. I’d love it if someone could make a Geordie accent! Although I’m quite attached to my posh Robocop voice now. I’d also like to be able to multitask more. At the moment, I have to close one app to use another, which isn’t really ideal when you’re on stage and can’t really pause. I’d also like some way of remotely controlling the iPad so I can walk around the stage without worrying about tapping the screen at the right moment.

Anyway, thank you for the shiny new iPad and for your support Apple. It’s much appreciated!

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