Proud to be patron of The Sequal Trust in it’s 50th year

As many of you will know, giving people the chance to have a voice is a cause that is very close to my heart. After all, I wouldn't be where I am today without mine. That's why I'm always proud to support charities who help enable people to do just that. One of these charities is The Sequal Trust, which I am delighted to be patron of.

September 2019 is The Sequal Trust's 50th Anniversary, and ever since the communication disability charity was conceived in 1969, they have been supplying communication aids to those who are non-verbal or have incoherent speech. The motto of The Sequal Trust is to ‘set lively minds free’. And by funding devices such as  iPads, Gridpads, Lightwriters and Eye gaze technology, they have given thousands of people a voice.

As a patron of The Sequal Trust, it’'s fantastic to know just how many lives they have touched over the last 50 years and it’'s with the help of their supporters and generous donations that they have been able to continue with their life-changing work.

Before it became The Sequal Trust, the charity was known as the PUA –(or Possum Users Association) with Possum being the first communication aid created. Back then, this charity aimed to supply people with limited speech with the Possum device, but today The Sequal Trust has a much broader scope.

SEQUAL stands for Special Equipment and Aids for Living and besides supplying funding for communication devices, they are also able to provide items such as wheelchair mounts and access switches, helping those with severe disabilities live more independent lives.

The Sequal Trust relies on donations and they are always willing to accept funds (no matter how small the contribution) and I would urge you to give what you can to help someone else communicate more effectively.

You can find out more about registering for their help, donating, and the devices they fund on The Sequal Trust website.

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I’m having an old friend for dinner! Find out more soon at @thelaughterlounge. You’ll die laughing…. ...

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Friday night gigging… ...

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"It would be nice for every disabled child to realise they have the opportunity to do whatever they like when they grow up. But they’ll only believe this if they see other people in a similar situation achieving their goals."

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6 days ago

Lost Voice Guy

I’m having an old friend for dinner! Find out more soon at @thelaughterlounge. You’ll die laughing…. ... See MoreSee Less

I’m having an old friend for dinner! Find out more soon at @thelaughterlounge. You’ll die laughing….

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I know everyone has a different sense of humour. But for me, this is not funny.

If people make you sick, you should cook them longer.

Love you! You always make me laugh!

With fava beans and a nice Chianti?

Did you bring the Chianti?


Hilarious 😂 😂 😂

Lee, you are off your rocker, bonkers!

Really good

Suits you, sir

Don't forget the wine lol 😆 😉

Not sure I want to know more😳

With Fava Beans?

Dark lol!

Is it Jonny Awsum? 🤣🤣

O M G So perfect!!!!!

Lmao brilliant





Jenima Lyon !

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2 weeks ago

Lost Voice Guy

It's World Cerebral Palsy Day so remember to send your children to school dressed as a disabled person! #worldcerebralpalsyday #worldcpday ... See MoreSee Less

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My daughter has cerebral palsy so she is dressing as a disabled person today and always 😂😂

I'm going to send my kid to school as Helen Keller, she don't listen to me anyway

If I were still at school I'd bunk off and just say I went as an invisible disability

Don't know what's funnier. The joke or those that don't get it, or obviously have never seen you perform 🤣

My son has Down syndrome and dresses as a disabled person everyday 😂

Love this 😂 Needed a little laugh this morning after battling with trying to find a school suitable for our son who has CP. I know my son would find this hilarious.

Done!! This is my amazing son in his awesome chair! ❤️ his sister made no effort at all!

Lost Voice Guy , would it be going too far to send my child as Oscar Pistorius dressed in striped jumpsuit 🤔

My son is sooo committed to World Cerebral Palsy Day he goes to school as a disabled person EVERY day 😂🙈 😂🙈 (laughter is definitely among the best medicines)

I don’t think a disability can be dressed especially if you have learning difficulties To see me I look normal as they say hidden disabilities are not to be made fun of in fact any disabilities are sick to be made fun of

My son is undiagnosed but he's so into this that he goes to school every weekday as a disabled person! I'm super proud to be his mum and he is super embarrassed by me. But I made him in my tummy and I remind him of this all the time! He's in a wheelchair so he can't escape the mummy kisses!!!

Better for children to learn about disabilities. Wheelchairs they can see and not disabilities are obvious. Just teaching children to be considerate to others is enough. Just getting adults to be the same as adults learn from children sometimes

I’m dyslexic and have ADD. As a kid, I guess I could have worn a tee shirt that had Moinca written on it, along with a headband with a squirrel dangling from it? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣

My daughter has cerebral palsy. She inspires me every day. You inspire everyone with your humour and positive attitude. 💗👏

My boy has CP so sent him as a disabled boy too xx

My boys autistic nonverbal SPD gdd genetic microduplication you can't tell by looking at him just when he stims jumps about ect whow,d you dress this ????

My beautiful daughter, sadly no longer with us. Remembered everyday, not just today.

Absolutely brilliant. My girls have gone to school wearing green.

Always Lee, always… 😉

OMG do some of you not know Lee? This is him a comedian he takes the water out of himself not others! It's a joke! 😂

What a shame, this is the first mention I have seen of this. Have a great day.xx

The way my kids dress themselves, you'd think they were 🤣🤣🤣

😂 luv u Lee just spat my coffee out reading that 💙


They have no problem doing that all by themselves ❤️

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3 weeks ago

Lost Voice Guy

Friday night gigging… ... See MoreSee Less

Friday night gigging…

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My daughter and i saw you in glasgow never laughed so much in my life wee both thought you were so funny x

You're one of the funniest comedians I've seen in a long time, hope you come to Glasgow soon 🙂

Nice to get back to seeing people enjoying a gig. Very funny evening thank you.

❤️❤️❤️❤️ best guy . Love him . Brilliant xx

I seen u in Wetherby services on Sunday, i let u in the disabled toilet 🙂

You legend

Hope you smash it 👍

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1 month ago

Lost Voice Guy

I've just updated my shop with some new products and designs. Go check them all out at ... See MoreSee Less

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Hope your well Lee

1 month ago

Lost Voice Guy

Delighted to be performing at the inaugural OneFest Mansfield this September! One week to go until I bring my work in progress show to the festival. Get your tickets now OneFest 2021 ... See MoreSee Less

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Hi from Australia! A bit far for me to attend your shows, but have fun anyway.

Loved your book, dude!

An inspiration to other people I used to stammer really bad went through hell people taking the micky copying me. You are brilliant and definitely funny hope to see more of you on tv.

Amazing stuff!

Martyn Cooke


Nice T-shirt that


Your a star 😂 ❤️

Different class 🤣🤣🤣

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