Paperback edition of ‘I’m Only In It For The Parking’ out now

LVG paperback bookI'm delighted to announce that the paperback edition of my first book, 'I'm Only In It For The Parking' is available to buy in all good bookshops now. It's also available on Amazon.

You can buy personalised signed copies of the hardback edition of 'I'm Only In It For The Parking' on my website too.

What’s the worst thing about being disabled? Is it the shameless staring? Is it that people assume you’re a bit thick because you can’t speak? Or is it the fact that your friends always take you to theme parks just so they can jump the queues?

In fact, it’s the stupid questions that really rile Lee Ridley, aka Lost Voice Guy. And over the years he’s been inundated with them, from people who have failed to engage their brains before opening their mouths. Which is where I’m Only In It for the Parking comes in – think of it as a disabled FAQ, with funny (sometimes painfully funny) stories from Lee’s less-ordinary life.

If you think you know what it’s like to be disabled, prepare to have your perceptions skewered by the much-loved Britain’s Got Talent winner, the brilliant stand-up who struggles to stand up, the Geordie without the accent. And before you ask … no, he really can’t speak at all. But he definitely has something to say.

Think of it as a disabled FAQ. I’ve been asked countless stupid questions about my disability over the years, from ‘What’s it like to be disabled?’ to ‘Can you really not speak?’ In this book, I will use the best of these questions as a jumping off point to tell funny stories about my less than ordinary life.

I hope you enjoy reading it!

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Look Mam, I’m in the Christmas TV Times! 🎄🎅 Tune in on Christmas Eve at 10.30pm on ITV 1! ...

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I need your Christmas confessions for Lost Voice Guy's Christmas Comedy Club on ITV! For your chance to win priority tickets, send your confessions to

And remember to watch on ITV at 10pm on Christmas Eve!

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Might have used the photo from my ‘I’m Only In It For The Parking’ tour on my new disabled parking badge… 😂😂 ...

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Half an hour until I’m back on your telly as a guest on Question Team! 10pm on Dave! ...

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4 days ago
Lost Voice Guy

Look Mam, I’m in the Christmas TV Times! 🎄🎅

Make sure you tune in on Christmas Eve on ITV 1 at 10.30pm!
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Look Mam, I’m in the Christmas TV Times! 🎄🎅

Make sure you tune in on Christmas Eve on ITV 1 at 10.30pm!

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Yes, it's on Christmas Eve on ITV 1 at 10.30pm!

Ho good that's fantastic babes will definitely be watching it congratulations to you to merry Christmas sweetie hope you have a fantastic day and happy new year love dawnie xx

You are an inspiration! Couldn't believe it when you won Britain's got talent! So much deserved. How was it performing for the Queen ? What an honour that must have been. Please come to the Grimsby auditorium one day please and perform there. x

Prime time my man whilst everyone is wrapping presents they should have done weeks ago!!! Amazing!! 👏👏👏

Oh Lee that is Fantastic!! I am so pleased for you. You were the last act my mum voted for before she passed away and was so pleased you won. Keep up the fantast work Superstar!!!! ⭐X

Ooh amazing!!! What day and channel is it on please? We don't want to miss it! You're amazing! X

What a quality spot you’ve gotten Lee! An hour long where Spitting Image only got half an hour and perfect tv viewing time for people the night before Xmas. Delighted for you mate, you’ve done brilliantly for yourself! I thought you were from Newcastle for some reason rather than Consett so I was gonna say congratulations from a Smoggy to a Geordie but I can’t say that now haha. Congratulations anyway dude! Every time I rewatch the moment when Dec announces you’re the winner of BGT my heart absolutely soars. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more contagious and infectious or happier smile and I was so delighted for you!

Brilliant!! I think you are so funny. You have me laughing out loud. Will deff set that one to record 🙂

Looking forward to it…. More so because I was supposed to see you live two weeks ago, and you were cancelled 2 days before (the reason given was to record this show)! I was gutted.

Congratulations prime time everyone up getting merry & ready for 🎅

Fantastic really pleased for you that's a good slot in Christmas Eve , Happy Days

Nice one Lee. At least its not another offering of "sound of music" and on at a sensible time.

Cody, Jack can we watch this please after home alone. Xxxx

Well done, pet. x

Looking forward to this thank you!!

Great good luck

Omg is the Christmas TV mags out. I work in co op and not seen them yet.... always love looking threw them...x

Need to know what day & channel it will be on so we don't miss it!! 😍

Wow well done lee as a fellow person with cp I’m really proud of what you’ve achieved I bet your mam is chuffed xx

Great job 😊🎅🏻

I be asleep waiting for santa . Have to catch up 😄

Fab! And good for you! Xx

Ohh thank you. I have to watch this.. 🙂 xx

Well deserved and duely noted for recording

Will definitely record it. Xmas eve on ITV, that’s some accolade Lee. Well done mate

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3 weeks ago
Lost Voice Guy

I need your Christmas confessions for Lost Voice Guy's Christmas Comedy Club on ITV! For your chance to win priority tickets, send your confessions to

And remember to watch on ITV at 10pm on Christmas Eve!
... See MoreSee Less

I need your Christmas confessions for Lost Voice Guys Christmas Comedy Club on ITV! For your chance to win priority tickets, send your confessions to

And remember to watch on ITV at 10pm on Christmas Eve!

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Every year my wife looks forward to my nut loaf (oo-er) for Xmas dinner but she loves it so much she won't let me cook it the rest of the year. Doesn't want it to not be special. Because it's so long between cooking it I have no idea what the recipe is so each year I make it up, meaning it's never the same meal. Luckily it's been so long between the last time my wife ate it she doesn't notice. So I get super brownie points. At least until I get it so wrong it's disgusting. Gulp!

One year on boxing day when I was 12. Mom had put the rest of the turkey from Christmas day aside. The plan was to make a traditional turkey curry with it. She set it ontop of a grill on a plastic tray. This was one of those old fashioned ovens that had an over head grill... Anyway I didn't realise it was ontop of the grill and went about making my boxing day toast... safe to say mom was not impressed when she went to make her curry and found turkey infused with plastic. 😂😂 I'm sorry mom Zena Cleary

only thing i wish for for Christmas is a Dvd, that i can buy in The Netherlands with your performances and to be honost 1 or more dvd's wpuld be great so people from all over the world can enjoy your special humor, i really love it anyway before i forget it i wish you you're family a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2022, deep respect for what you do be safe fan for life from The Netherlands cheers

Got so drunk my cerebral palsy was cured and I started a conversation with the cat... I ended up wearing the meal... then we split up lol...

My mom used to batch precook Christmas puddings in readiness for some of the family plus our Christmas Day pudding. Except the year that she missed pre-cooking the one that she served up for our Christmas Day🤣pudding🤣 Then there was the time that she dressed the Christmas Day turkey with smoked bacon before it went into the oven 🤣🦃🥓🚭🤣 Gemma Harris Sophie Nicholls

I once got so drunk on Christmas Eve when they served Christmas dinner up I promptly vomited!

Ann Newton❤️🤣❤️

Kellie Milano

Have good show 👍

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3 weeks ago
Lost Voice Guy

Might have used the photo from my ‘I’m Only In It For The Parking’ tour on my new disabled parking badge… 😂😂 ... See MoreSee Less

Might have used the photo from my ‘I’m Only In It For The Parking’ tour on my new disabled parking badge… 😂😂

Comment on Facebook

Quality Lee, I did wonder if you had any other t-shirts or are they all blue?

I cheated too and used a Snapchat filter photo on mine so I didn't look so awful 🤣🤣

My badge looks like I just escaped prison. Thought you weren't allowed to smile in passport photos!?!

Working smarter not harder 😁👏😆

Brilliant recycling 🤣 oh by the way, I wish I was as energetic as my emoji 🤣🤣🤣

Met you in Lytham fab act

You sir are a legend, well played 👏

Its ok if you display it properly it will never be seen lol Its a nice picture.


Made me laugh xx

Amazingly funny. 🤣😂🤣😂

They turned a photo down for mine where I was smiling! Had to send a miserable one!!

I know that man police please haha x


Definitely an inspiration to others

Lindy Lou

That's hilarious 😂

Looking Good xx

Your amazing funny and just ausome dude 🔥💯

Mine looks awful, next time I am going for a my cerebral palsy has been cured pose as an ode to the DWP assessment bullshit... I could end up looking like a constipated Yoda! Proof that Cerebral palsy doesn't leave you during your life however my you keep your humour... my Mrs loves the fact I wake up stiff each morning...shame its my legs... masturbation is a whole new kettle of fish mind you... hands like an Audi driver gripping a steering wheel!🤣

Legend !

That’s awesome 😆🤣😂👏

Are you coming to Ipswich anytime soon ?

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4 weeks ago
Lost Voice Guy

Half an hour until I’m back on your telly as a guest on Question Team! 10pm on Dave! ... See MoreSee Less

Half an hour until I’m back on your telly as a guest on Question Team! 10pm on Dave!

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Lost Voice Guy, I read that as question time saw all the photos of the panellists and thought that could be interesting

Kevin Howell

4 weeks ago
Lost Voice Guy

Went to see @officialsteps tonight. I’m not even sorry! #guiltypleasure ... See MoreSee Less

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I seen you tonight wanted to say hi but looked like a few people were so went back to my seat and went omg guess who I seen lol was a cracking show tonight

They were amazing weren't they . I was talking likeba woman who smoked 50 a day yesterday I was so croaky. Glad you enjoyed it x

Wonder if they are as good as us? Doing Something in Your Eyes in our local pantomime! Great song Steps 🤩💕 💃 👯‍♂️ Kirriemuir Panto 🎭

Hope you had a good night Lee can’t beat a bit of steps 🙂

Wow! I hope you had a great time. I'm going to see Steps at Bournemouth on December 1st. Looks like you had a brilliant time

You don't have to be sorry Lee they're fab, they could show today's music a thing or 2 xx

We saw you last week in tamworth you were bloody.amazing xxx

I saw them last week in Nottingham for the first time!! Finally seen them live, and I’m not ashamed to admit I cried at times. Just amazing!!!

We're going on Thursday cannot wait!!

One of the best groups ever. Pity that I dont live in the UK. Hope I can watch them live in the near future 🙂

I was also at Newcastle's show last night, absolutely loved it!

I went last Tuesday. Nothing to be sorry for. They are awesome x

Did you sing along 🤦🏼🤦🏼

I'm not sorry either my guilty pleasure aswell

I see them at the end of the month!!! So excited

I going Thursday to see them x

Would love to have gone

Wait wait wait. Like the group from the 90s, featured on the Disney Channel??

Hi lost voice guy hope that you are safe and well,all the best from me and everyone from Peterlee county durham.i have been watching your first audition that you did on bgt,I needed a laugh and you were the person to bring a bit of laughter and a smile to me,you are so funny

Me too! I am seeing then 6 times but a home gig is always the best one! 😻💖👀

Leanne Simmons

No screaming now!

"Ramps" surely?

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1 month ago
Lost Voice Guy

Had a great time in Dublin a few weeks ago! ... See MoreSee Less

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Beautiful photos. Your book was amazing, many times I laughed out loud. Stay safe 🙏

Looks like you had an awesome time Lee x

Hi Lee your book arrived today, i live in The Netherlands btw, love your sence of humor keep up the work you make me laugh so hard, cheers from Holland

Delighted you enjoyed your time in my home town. 🇮🇪💕

I live in Dublin. Hope you had a great time 😊

Dublin is a great city

Love Dublin xx

Love this picture of you & my great niece Brooke ♥️♥️love from Anty Angela ♥️♥️

Well done I hope you enjoyed it

Great photos

Had a flying visit there a few years ago, what struck me was how clean and fresh it looked, I will go back one day! 😎👍

It is on my list, mainly for the Guinness

Never been x

One of my favourite places to be 🤩

Looks like fun!!

In Dublin myself as we speak (sorry!) for my 50th birthday! It’s a fantastic city, I have been coming here for years. So glad you enjoyed it!

Omg you look terrifying 😂😂😂

Your brilliant.

I love you sir

Who's the lovely lady

Love ya murder outfit 😆

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2 months ago
Lost Voice Guy

All I want for Christmas is ME! ... See MoreSee Less

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You so deserve this lee. I’m thrilled for you. Can’t wait to see your show ❤️. Well done xxx❤️❤️❤️

Brilliant! Definitely looking forward to that 👏👏👏🥳

Great news! Something new on the telly this year! Seen you a few times in Edinburgh.

Cant wait for this. Keep us updated with date and time please

Fantastic seen you in Edinburgh

Fantastic👏👏 well done to you

Wow Lee this is amazing news! Congrats! 🙂

Congratulations!!! Huge well done xxx

Nice I can't wait for this

From which one do we get tickets from? Would love to see this being recorded.

Good lad, looking forward to seeing this.

Fab 👏👏👏

At last… something new and funny to watch at Christmas instead of the same repeats! Can’t wait Lee and can’t wait to see you next spring

Joann Emmerson



Kellie Milano this will be fab x

Hopefully take the BTA of your fellow geordies Ant and Dec


Brilliant! 👏👏

Fantastic news!

Nice work 😁

Well deserved Lee

Excellent news!

Will look forward to this!!

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2 months ago
Lost Voice Guy

The @standnewcastle always know how to make me feel special! 😂😂😂 ... See MoreSee Less

The @standnewcastle always know how to make me feel special! 😂😂😂

Comment on Facebook

Is that the Wish version of you?

Really Quiet Dude

Did it leave you…speechless? 🤭

That's love. The Stand team don't make the effort to take the piss out of folk they don't like.

….what you order Lost Voice Guy from Wish 🤣

Maybe they thought it was temporary ?! 🤪

I have been thinking about this, perhaps you could sell franchises to tribute acts under the "No Voice Man" brand? You'd make a blinking fortune!! "I'm only in it for the parking and the franchise fees"

It's ok, they were expecting a tribute act

Way silent bro

Jack Raine I noticed this when we were waiting for show to start 😂😂

lol no voice man sponsored by a microphone company - .... lol

You know you’ve made it when you get your own tribute act!

It could be your superhero name 😉

I thought of...

Wondering what your costume would look like

You are simply amazing!

7/10 for effort but must do better 😉

They got one word correct. Credit where credit is due.

I saw you there around 2011

Have you got a shortcut for 'for f*** sake' on your keyboard? 😁 😎

Only one star? You should have at least five.

Are you stealing some copycat's dressing room? :-p

the buggers lol gotta laugh though int ya

Four letter words can be tricky lol

Only one star?!!! Shocking!

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