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You can now listen to my first book, I'm Only In It For The Parking, along with lots of other content from myself on Audible.

I'm Only In It For The Parking - audiobook 

What’s the worst thing about being disabled? Is it the shameless staring? Is it that people assume you’re a bit thick because you can’t speak? Or is it the fact that your friends always take you to theme parks just so they can jump the queues?

In fact, it’s the stupid questions that really rile Lee Ridley, aka Lost Voice Guy. And over the years he’s been inundated with them, from people who have failed to engage their brains before opening their mouths. Which is where I’m Only In It for the Parking comes in – think of it as a disabled FAQ, with funny (sometimes painfully funny) stories from Lee’s less-ordinary life.

If you think you know what it’s like to be disabled, prepare to have your perceptions skewered by the much-loved Britain’s Got Talent winner, the brilliant stand-up who struggles to stand up, the Geordie without the accent. And before you ask … no, he really can’t speak at all. But he definitely has something to say.

Think of it as a disabled FAQ. I’ve been asked countless stupid questions about my disability over the years, from ‘What’s it like to be disabled?’ to ‘Can you really not speak?’ In this book, I will use the best of these questions as a jumping off point to tell funny stories about my less than ordinary life.


You can also listen to my previous recorded Edinburgh Fringe shows on Audible as well.

Voice Of Choice (2013)

Voice Of ChoiceHaving nothing to say is one thing, having lots to say and being unable to say it is quite another. It has become part of life for Lost Voice Guy but although he can’t talk, he isn’t silent. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a child, he embraces his disability, really breaking down barriers and having a laugh along the way. He uses his iPad to great comic effect to take us on a journey as he tries to make himself heard.




Laughter Is The Worst Medicine (2014)

Laughter Is The Worst MedicineWhen Lost Voice Guy was rushed to hospital during this first ever Edinburgh Fringe, he nearly died. In fact, he became as silent as the ‘P’ in pneumonia and ended up with 99 more realistic problems than Jay Z.

Stuck in bed and miles from home, he began to wonder if laughter really was the best medicine after all. Then he had morphine and he realised it wasn’t. Jesus may walk on water, but Lost Voice Guy runs on batteries. And he recharged and rose again to tell the tale in this new show.



Disability for Dunces: Volume One (2015)

Disability For Dunces: Vol OneCan you really not talk? Have you considered an exorcism? Are you just in it for the parking? Are you as clever as Stephen Hawking? How do you have sex? Seriously, can you not talk at all?

These are just a few of the bizarre questions that award-winning comedian, Lost Voice Guy, gets asked on a regular basis. Now he’s decided to answer them all for you in this show. Think of it as being like a disabled FAQ for stupid people.



Inspiration Porn (2018)

Inspiration PornLost Voice Guy – aka Lee Ridley – has a form of cerebral palsy which leaves him unable to speak, but he now performs to sold out crowds using his voice synthesizer app. This set, recorded at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, is one of his most honest, open and hilarious to date. Lee takes on subjects including the perception of disability in the media, government cuts, and the painful reality of dating and love.

This podcast includes an interview with Lee by legendary comedian - and close friend - Ross Noble. Fun fact: the pair first met after Lee challenged him on who could do the best impersonation of Stephen Hawking....



If you enjoy listening to them, you can also watch them as well. DVD versions are available to purchase in the shop.

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Delighted to announce @noeljamescomic as the headliner for the first ever Lost Voice Guy Comedy Showcase in Gosforth on Saturday 25th June 2022!

Joined by @steveroylecomic and @lauren_pattison

Get your tickets at

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Love this photo of me taken by the lovely @andyhollingworth1 at The Lowry last night! ...

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Such a pleasure to catch up with Jack at one of my recent tour shows. You may remember I helped him find his own regional accent on The One Show. And it’s sounding great! #cerebrallolsy ...

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3 days ago
Lost Voice Guy

Love this photo of me taken by the lovely Andy Hollingworth at The Lowry on my tour! ... See MoreSee Less

Love this photo of me taken by the lovely Andy Hollingworth at The Lowry on my tour!

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Great picture. I loved seeing you at Shoreham-by-Sea recently. I wished we could have stayed longer to see you afterwards. I really appreciated the real effort that you made to be able to meet your audience after the show. Well done, Lee and thank you.

Great picture. Hope u come back to Barnstaple again was a great night never laughed as much as I did that night. Ur amazing

Great photo! That smile could light up a room! 😁🙂💜

Lovely picture Lost Voice Guy you’ve got a great smile. Absolutely think you are amazing xx

Had the best time last night just couldn't stop laughing especially when you said you loved my laugh you are amazing x

Great photo of you. Pleased your doing well x

Saw you at the lowery on Saturday!! Was brilliant I came with my youngest daughter Alice would like to share , this was her first ever comic gig ! She's 24 and goes everywhere concerts etc ! This was such a special thing to do for us and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a great night xxx

A remarkable talent hope you're touring again soon.

Great picture Lee 💕

Your humour and personality shine right though in this picture, funny guy.

Great show again Lee. Was good to see you again with Zack

Great photo ☺️love your sense of humour woth your t-shirts 👍xx

Great pic Lost Voice Guy. You are fantastic & a great role model for all us disabled people ❤

As a (sort of) Lowery… I approve! Great photo! Hope you are well! 💕

You have the best smile ever. Sending best wishes from down under!

Great picture xxx

a wonderful smile.💕

So sorry that Saturday at the Bloomsbury has been cancelled. Hope all is OK.

I love you're t shirts! They make me smile

Good luck with the tour. Hopefully see you in Mansfield or Nottingham again sometime in the future ❤️❤️

Lovely picture of you lovely to see you again last Saturday

Love the t-shirt, but my favourite has to be "I'm only in it for the free parking"!

Looking good - happy touring xx

Amazing u look amazing!

Look at that smile xxx

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4 weeks ago
Lost Voice Guy

LAUGH OUT LOUD with funnyman Steve Royle | Unforgettable Audition | Britain's Got Talent ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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where is love there is Joy 💧😄

1 month ago
Lost Voice Guy

Such a pleasure to catch up with Jack at one of my recent tour shows. You may remember I helped him find his own regional accent on The One Show. And it’s sounding great! #cerebrallolsy ... See MoreSee Less

Such a pleasure to catch up with Jack at one of my recent tour shows. You may remember I helped him find his own regional accent on The One Show. And it’s sounding great! #cerebrallolsy

Comment on Facebook

Totally awesome, keep up the good work, we are proud. We all are strong.

Ye my brother did it before the lost voice guy if i’m totally honest a good few years ago through national star college. He had a BBC program called the Unbreakables which showed how amazing National Star College is but BGT still gets more publicity.

Your humour is great. As a disabled person myself it's important that we can see humour in the world around us too. Humour unique to us.

Love this 💕 Cant wait to come and see you on tour next month 👍🙂

You’re awesome mr lost voice guy! Respect to you 👍

Aw fab, I need you to find my son a Welsh voice! X

Looking forward to seeing you in Dorking x

Looking Great Boys!!

Hi, may I ask when you first started using AAC did you find it difficult and feel like your identity had gone? I'm a disabled person and I'm having issues. I can't speak clearly and have been given an AAC device and finding it difficult to use. Is that normal? Many thanks and keep up the good work.

Absolutely awesome!!

You two look like trouble!

I saw that it's a great idea, you two are double trouble lol

Love your shirt!

Can't wait to see you in Cambridge tomorrow

Love that t-shirt! 😂

How about a Dalek accent?


What’s on your yellow shirt?

See you soon in shoreham 👏



Gerlene Pretorius Kennedy xx

Fist bump!

National Star

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1 month ago
Lost Voice Guy

Today we said goodbye to my nana. One of the most amazing women I’ve ever had the privilege to know. Sleep well ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

Today we said goodbye to my nana. One of the most amazing women I’ve ever had the privilege to know. Sleep well ❤️

Comment on Facebook

I’m very sorry for your loss. What a wonderful smile, and her face radiates love.

Really sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you and family. You have to know though that she will still be so proud of you and be watching you and encouraging you from Heaven x

Sleep well. Spot on dear friend! So great to hear others with true understanding of death. It won't be long until your dear Nana is woken up by Jesus, then you'll be together forever ❤️ You're an inspiration! God bless you.

🙁 I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your Nana. Such and amazing relationship and such a special bond. Xx

I'm so sorry for your loss Lee. She'll be smiling that gorgeous smile at you from Heaven. xx

Bless you Lee. Really sorry for your loss. I bet she was so proud of you. Sending lots of love to you and your family xxxx

Condolences, to you and your loved ones / and may her memory be a blessing always

Thoughts and prayers with you and your family. Many condolences to you all. Enjoy the memories.

So sorry for your loss. Bless you and your Nana. My thoughts are with you and your family xx She would have been incredibly proud of you. You are amazing 🤗

I’m so sorry for your loss. Try to remember that anyway that you’re feeling is right for you at that moment, and no one can tell you differently. I still feel the loss of my Nan 20 years later huge hugs.

She will always have your back and give you virtual hugs. If it were not for these fabulous family members nobody could achieve what we,all do.

Lost Voice Guy, Family And Friends, I Am So Sorry For The Very Sad Loss Of Your Nana. Sending My Sincere Condolences To You All At This Very Difficult And Sad Time.

So sorry for your loss, I was raised by my grandparents so know how special they are.

Im sorry for your loss, she looks like a dime. what a lovely nana you have. may she rest in peace <3

I’m so sorry for your loss. Keeping your Nana, and all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

So sorry to hear this my thoughts are with you all at this time keep smiling & making other people smile you're an amazing person ❤️ x

She looks like an amazing woman that would melt any heart with love, my thoughts with you & family x

I'm so sorry to hear this. Love and condolences being sent your way xx

My condolences for your loss. May her spirit r.i.p

Sorry for your sad loss, My Condolences to you and your family 💐 x

My heartfelt condolences. Grandparents are magic <3

So sorry to read you have lost your nana. Wishing you and your family peace and love xx

So sorry for your loss Lee, one very proud Nana in heaven now! ❤️❤️

So sorry for your sad loss. Hoping that lovely memories warm your heart on dark days x

Sorry for your loss, may your Nana rest in peace. Prayers for you and your family 🙏 ❤xxx

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1 month ago
Lost Voice Guy

Ready for my appearance on Morning Live on BBC One at 9.15am. Tune in to hear my new Geordie accent and to hear about my Cerebral LOLsy tour! ... See MoreSee Less

Ready for my appearance on Morning Live on BBC One at 9.15am. Tune in to hear my new Geordie accent and to hear about my Cerebral LOLsy tour!

Comment on Facebook

Thanks everyone!

It was the greatest of honours to provide your voice Lee! Looking forward to seeing it in your show in Newcastle!

What a wonderful voice you have now. You must feel like yourself more than ever and what a truly wonderful selfless gift ❤🥰❤

Seen you on TV this morning great interview and was nice to hear your new voice x

Good morning. Wishing you the very best of luck with your tour. We will watch, thanks for letting me know. Great jumper!! Take care and stay safe ❤️

Love this picture of you Lee. Bless you and keep up the great performances, hun. 🤗 xx

Love that you keep on doing your thing! And what an advantage you have-- we may tire of hearing some voices, even pretty good ones, or even our own... You get endless upgrades. Stallone one day, Jeremy Irons the next... Idk though, I'd probably be pretty set on a good Morgan Freeman, and use his voice of God to do some of the more lengthy and ridiculously offensive riffs I heard Bob Saget do at a small club in San Francisco a couple of times. RIP Bob. And LVG, keep em howlin'! I'll check a clip any time you drop one, man! Aloha and Cheerios or whatever y'all say on that island... 🤙

You were brilliant XXX love the Gordie voice xx

Hope it went well for u,you're a great guy/comedian.x👏

Loved the interview Lee. Voice is well suited to you so well done Dan too. #buckworthy

Good luck! Looking forward to seeing you in May.

Gutted i missed you on this morning! I’m sure you were fab x

Glad you got your ideal voice now, brilliant news

Glad you have your new voice, Will you now become "Found Voice Guy?" Wor Geordie Xx

Just seen this so missed you but glad you now have a geordie voice 😊

I am watching you Lee from home as I have the plague and having to isolate

Looking forward to Colchester Arts Centre

Good luck lee keep up the great work

Phew I thought I'd missed you 😅 It looks like you're about to be on very soon 😀👍

Looking very happy Lee! have a lovely day.

Saw you on morning live, have a great day Lee...

We are going to see you in bristol in may cant wait.

The new voice is fabulous! Congratulations

Looking forward to watching your show next month

Love it sounds great xx

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2 months ago
Lost Voice Guy

What a night at the Comedy Station in Blackpool! Nights like that are why I fucking love my job! ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

You're great,make me laugh yr humour more funny than most with a voice,u do a great job of making yr audience laugh.x

Brilliant, so pleased it went well xxxxxxxxx

Brilliant. Looking forward to seeing you in Sussex.

Cerebral palsy is such a wide spectrum:) Sadly I have zero filter . Once I can afford it would love to see the show Lost Voice Guy we didn't ask for it but we just try

Dude, you're awesome! Love your work 🤘

Please come to Grimsby I'd love to see you live

When are you back in sunny Southport lee..??

That, and the parking. Right?

Nottingham please

Totally agree!!!



top comedian to be honest,love ur shows

Happy Sunday special man🦋

You’re brilliant 🤩

Nice one 😊

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2 months ago
Lost Voice Guy

Such a fantastic prize from a charity that I'm proud to be patron of! Get involved! ... See MoreSee Less

Such a fantastic prize from a charity that Im proud to be patron of! Get involved!Image attachmentImage attachment
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