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You can now listen to my first book, I'm Only In It For The Parking, along with lots of other content from myself on Audible.

I'm Only In It For The Parking - audiobook 

What’s the worst thing about being disabled? Is it the shameless staring? Is it that people assume you’re a bit thick because you can’t speak? Or is it the fact that your friends always take you to theme parks just so they can jump the queues?

In fact, it’s the stupid questions that really rile Lee Ridley, aka Lost Voice Guy. And over the years he’s been inundated with them, from people who have failed to engage their brains before opening their mouths. Which is where I’m Only In It for the Parking comes in – think of it as a disabled FAQ, with funny (sometimes painfully funny) stories from Lee’s less-ordinary life.

If you think you know what it’s like to be disabled, prepare to have your perceptions skewered by the much-loved Britain’s Got Talent winner, the brilliant stand-up who struggles to stand up, the Geordie without the accent. And before you ask … no, he really can’t speak at all. But he definitely has something to say.

Think of it as a disabled FAQ. I’ve been asked countless stupid questions about my disability over the years, from ‘What’s it like to be disabled?’ to ‘Can you really not speak?’ In this book, I will use the best of these questions as a jumping off point to tell funny stories about my less than ordinary life.


You can also listen to my previous recorded Edinburgh Fringe shows on Audible as well.

Voice Of Choice (2013)

Voice Of ChoiceHaving nothing to say is one thing, having lots to say and being unable to say it is quite another. It has become part of life for Lost Voice Guy but although he can’t talk, he isn’t silent. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a child, he embraces his disability, really breaking down barriers and having a laugh along the way. He uses his iPad to great comic effect to take us on a journey as he tries to make himself heard.




Laughter Is The Worst Medicine (2014)

Laughter Is The Worst MedicineWhen Lost Voice Guy was rushed to hospital during this first ever Edinburgh Fringe, he nearly died. In fact, he became as silent as the ‘P’ in pneumonia and ended up with 99 more realistic problems than Jay Z.

Stuck in bed and miles from home, he began to wonder if laughter really was the best medicine after all. Then he had morphine and he realised it wasn’t. Jesus may walk on water, but Lost Voice Guy runs on batteries. And he recharged and rose again to tell the tale in this new show.



Disability for Dunces: Volume One (2015)

Disability For Dunces: Vol OneCan you really not talk? Have you considered an exorcism? Are you just in it for the parking? Are you as clever as Stephen Hawking? How do you have sex? Seriously, can you not talk at all?

These are just a few of the bizarre questions that award-winning comedian, Lost Voice Guy, gets asked on a regular basis. Now he’s decided to answer them all for you in this show. Think of it as being like a disabled FAQ for stupid people.



Inspiration Porn (2018)

Inspiration PornLost Voice Guy – aka Lee Ridley – has a form of cerebral palsy which leaves him unable to speak, but he now performs to sold out crowds using his voice synthesizer app. This set, recorded at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, is one of his most honest, open and hilarious to date. Lee takes on subjects including the perception of disability in the media, government cuts, and the painful reality of dating and love.

This podcast includes an interview with Lee by legendary comedian - and close friend - Ross Noble. Fun fact: the pair first met after Lee challenged him on who could do the best impersonation of Stephen Hawking....



If you enjoy listening to them, you can also watch them as well. DVD versions are available to purchase in the shop.

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The time has come to #findyourpower! Good luck to everyone taking part in the @superhero_series race to Avengers Tower this week. I'll see you at the top. Come on #teamLVG, we can beat them all! @marvel_uk ...

Should I be worried?! ...

Benny Hill has nothing on us! ...

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1 week ago

Lost Voice Guy

Loved being back at work last weekend! Such a buzz to be making people laugh again. @gleeclubnotts ... See MoreSee Less

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So pleased for you Lee that you are happy to be back on the stage making people laugh again 🤣😃

This came up as a memory on my phone today , the original pic was from the West park pub comedy night probs around about 10 yrs ago . Glad to see ye back in the swing of things .

We would absolutely love for you to come to the United States! You should visit the Smoky Mountains National Park, and see if the Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee would have you! They’re all about some clean, family comedy! ❤️

A previous post came up as a memory for me saying how delighted I was when you won BGT. You opened a gate for others too and here you are, a top comedian with a huge following

So glad you're back l.v.g, I've missed you

About time you lazy sod 😆🤣😂

Emmanuel 👏🏻

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2 weeks ago

Lost Voice Guy

The time has come to #findyourpower! Good luck to everyone taking part in the Superhero Series race to Avengers Tower this week. I'll see you at the top. Come on #teamlvg, we can beat them all! Marvel ... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks Lee! Good luck team mates!

Good Luck lost voice 🤗👍💖

Good luck fellow superhero’s

Good luck to everybody involved especially #TeamEssexAll2gether #FindYourPower

Fantastic! Woohoo Captain, goodluck fellow Superheroes! 💥💥

Good luck everyone!

Your a pure legend good luck

Good luck Tiny Tornado!

Good luck . I know you'll smash it xxxxxx

You are legend sir good luck to you

Good luck 🤗're a legend!

Good luck 🥰👍🏻

Good luck 👍

There is a girl ready to rock

Good luck 👍

Good luck 🙌

All power to you.

Good luck!!!

So good to hear you’re lost voice again LOL

y does your smile and humour no wonder i would crease up no end on that activity


Naomi Houghton

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2 weeks ago

Lost Voice Guy

Should I be worried?! ... See MoreSee Less

Should I be worried?!

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Difficulties meaning you'll be able to speak?

It cured my CP! I couldn't sodding move out of bed and lost 6 days each time aside from that, despite the urge to start running and singing all normal, aside from being as blunt! The only issue was I started talking to myself and got some near foolproof responses... How does one shout in BRAILLE? If I didn't have CP would I be 6ft 2 and half beautiful with four kids and two failed marriages and mortgage arrears? When I wake up stiff each morning would it only be my erection? If they slipped with my Botox would I be a life sized Ken? Plus would the department of Woeful Problems still require proof I wasn't cured? Would I have zero anxiety and depression issues? Above all merely satire and total respect to everyone regardless. Respect matey! Could I get on stage infront of millions no... Do I count my lucky stars the CP is luck of the draw yes... I was lucky not to have half the issues, despite having bladder issues now and a fear of the general public at least I have a valid reason to adjust myself and yes each time I past a mast it glows!

Lol they read me the list at mine, having recently been diagnosed with MS, I already had more than half 😂

Has your speech-bot been vaccinated!, if so don't worry! 🤔😂😂

Only if you get a redneck accent

You underlined that really , really well 😀 <3 Love you, you're too much 😀

It's the "growing a third eye" that you should REALLY watch out for!

Mmm, I mean, this would present a problem, have a great day Lee and Co..

That'll be those super secret mini microchips.

Lmfto classic where there is a claim there's blame 🤣🤣🤣xx

I've ended up with Bell's Palsy after mine! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Your fine just worry if accent changes from geordie to mackem lol

Don’t two negatives make a positive though? 😳😂

Only if it gives your typing doodad a computer virus.

Couldn't help but snigger at that one... The possibilities of hamming that up are endless!

I bloody love your sense of humour 🤣

As long as your pad does not start talking jordie 🤣

Maybe if you can suddenly start talking again! 🤔🤔😂😂

Maybe you’ll get the opposite??

Your new Geordie voice might confuse the issue 😁😁

You do make me laugh 😂 I think you’re brill x

Just a computer glitch. Should be fine.

Only if your iPad starts to stutter 😉

Drink too much and you will get the one above too 😉

Yes, it’s to do with the microchips that Bill Gates put in the vaccine 💉

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3 weeks ago

Lost Voice Guy

Photos from NextUp Comedy's post ... See MoreSee Less

Image attachmentImage attachment

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What theatre was this shot at?

3 weeks ago

Lost Voice Guy

... See MoreSee Less

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Such a funny guy and such an inspiration. Loved Lee's audition. Welldone Lee. xx

Strong work! Keep breaking those barriers. Inspiring.

Oh my goodness... I still LOVE this audition. My daughter and I saw him in Edinburgh as part of the Fringe festival 2 years ago and he was just hysterical. Honestly... I felt like I laughed for hours. it was exactly the tonic needed. Special forces!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

From the moment I saw you, you were my winner, it has been an absolute pleasure to see the nation taking you to their hearts. Just goes to show you should never judge a book by it's cover, you are not just a funny guy you are a great ambassador for people who are normally looked upon as different. My total respect to you buddy.

Doesn't matter how many times I have watched your audition I still find it funny and laugh out loud. I was honoured to meet you a couple of years ago at Blackwood Housing AGM in Edinburgh and you made me laugh so much that I think if I didn't have my seatbelt on I would have been out of my powerchair and also thought I was going to wet myself. You are brilliant xxx

This still makes me cry with laughter, such raw, incredible talent! You really are one of a kind!!! Keep up the incredible work mate, hope to see you again in stage very soon 👏👏👏

You're bloody brilliant Lee, seen you a few times now & your hilarious, read your book too & you were kind enough to sign it, can't wait to see you again. You were my favourite to win.

Still one of my absolute favourites 🥰

Love you, Lee!!!! I also love your book!!!! <3

Well done Lee this is the second time I've watched your audition made me laugh again glad you won the final 👋👋👋

One of my favourite auditions!!! ❤️👏

When are you coming to London!? ❤️

Come to Australia 🇦🇺 ❤️

Still makes me laugh! Well done Lee 👏🏻

Luved u at your audition, luved u when u came 2 Braintree & still luv u now. U always make me laugh. X

Makes me laugh everytime 😂

I can watch this over and over again. I get good laugh out of it.

Never got tired of this it brilliant. Thank u my friend

Have just enjoyed reading your book Lee

Brilliant ❤️

Absolutely brilliant

Well done Lee 🤣

Love you, Lee❤️

have seen this gig already several times. it never gets boring.

Still brilliant to watch 🤣

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4 weeks ago

Lost Voice Guy

Benny Hill has nothing on us! ... See MoreSee Less

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Haha, I've done that with my brother on his chair, we managed to go off roading too, 4mph power time!

I still hear Benny Hill music when I watch that.

Bloody hell I can’t stop bloody laughing well done absolutely brilliant

LOL 😂 thanks for the giggles mate 👍 As needed it I had some bad news about a fave local skating center that just closed down and it hurt bad 😭💔 as I have a lot of memories there since the 1980s and it just turned 44 years old too so sad end of an era. But needed a good laugh and it just what I need so BIG THANKS to you Lost Voice Guy xoxo from Melbourne Australia.

Love it 😂. How you doing Lee.

Mad as a box of frogs! Love it!

Brilliant enjoy

Well done

Brilliant! 😂😂😂

Brilliant 😂 xx

Love it 🤣😂🤣

Too funny 😂

Hilarious 😂

Me after the pub

Jim Smith !!!!!

Oh what ya like 😁☺️🤪🤪🤪

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1 month ago

Lost Voice Guy

Avengers Assemble! I’m looking for SUPER team mates to help me (virtually) race to the Avengers Tower. You can run, walk, bike, swim. Anything goes! SIGN up here to join me! #Findyourpower #athomesuperheroes Marvel Superhero Series ... See MoreSee Less

Avengers Assemble! I’m looking for SUPER team mates to help me (virtually) race to the Avengers Tower. You can run, walk, bike, swim. Anything goes! SIGN up here to join me! #Findyourpower #athomesuperheroes Marvel Superhero Series

Comment on Facebook

We've signed up, would love to be on your team!

I've signed up. I'd be honoured to be your team mate

I'm signed up and got my pack today xx

1 month ago

Lost Voice Guy

Always knew Elvis wasn’t dead! #lostvoiceguy #ukcomedy #bgt #standup #standupcomedy #ukstandup #ukcomedian #ukfunny #ukhumour #ukjokes #jokes #funny ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

I think toddler trump and his mob of idiots should take Elvis's place. We all prefer Elvis, right??

But...Elvis never played the accordion.

Elvis never had to pay for sex! 😂

Nearly finished reading your book,

Trump is obviously all shook up over this situation.

This is hilarious 😂


Tony Stephen Jagroop


I don’t see this being funny

What an insult to the king

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