History of Comedy podcast

Lost Voice Guy appears on the A History Of Comedy In Several Objects podcast


Lost Voice Guy is interviewed by the Special Books by Special Kids Youtube channel


Lost Voice Guy writes about how comedy could change the world

Lost Voice Guy

Lost Voice Guy blogs for the Huffington Post about Inspiration Porn

Comedians comedian podcast

Listen to Lost Voice Guy on the Comedian’s Comedian podcast

Smile for Life

Lost Voice Guy becomes patron of children’s charity, Smile For Life

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Please watch this BBC Lifeline Appeal for @SenseCharity. The short film, presented by Kellie Bright, tells the story of Sonny, Verity and Cameron, three children with complex disabilities, and how the charity is providing vital support to their families

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Lifeline - Sense

Kellie Bright presents this month’s Lifeline appeal on behalf of Sense.

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Well I’m definitely going to get my benefits stopped now!
‘Int reunions BRILLIANT!
Gotta get better with my dirty talk… 😂
Love going for a pamper at @websterandcarr. Always the best service from a great barbers.
This is brilliant from @gaillardremi 😂👏
Massive respect for Lenny Henry for hosting Comic Relief for 39 years! A true legend of comedy ❤️
Gotta keep those benefits somehow 😂😂
My Mam ❤️
When your nickname at school was ‘fire hazard! ⚠️
We’ve all been there 😂😂
Good job I turned off my computer before midnight on 31/12/99 😂😂
When you can’t be bothered to change the location every night of the tour… 😂😂😂
Don’t have nightmares 😂😂
Happy Valentine's Day ❤️
Rest in peace, Steve. Thanks for always making me so welcome on your show. You were one of the greats ❤️
You can’t call me that?! 😂😂😂
Tiny hands or giant head? 🤣

Maybe I should try Blind Date instead? 👀
Can’t wait to be a part of @nextupcomedy Access Festival at the end of January!